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Announcing “Return.” by Adrienne Dodt

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Dear friends and readers: it is with great pleasure that we announce a new chapbook, “Return” by Adrienne Dodt. Adrienne’s poems engage in rich avant-garde experiments with the material of language. Zir poems are at once physical and metaphysical: examining the stuff of the body and the stuff of thought, “To cave in the face of / permanent,” as ze writes in the stunning long poem, “The Material of Memory.” Ze’s chapbook will be released in the late fall of this year, with a release party in the winter of 2015 in Chicago. Read one of zir’s poems in Fact-Simile and stay tuned for updates and a fund-raising campaign!  (more…)

Photos of Recent Work!

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We’ve been busy over the last year or so building big, innovative books — books which are not just vessels for poetry, but extensions and reflections of the work. Our process is always collaborative: we build books together with our authors to reflect their aesthetic and specification. Here’s a taste of our two most recent chapbooks, by Jay Besemer and Sophie Grimes:

Cover of Sophie Grimes' "City Structures