We’re pleased to announce our latest project, somewhat after the fact. This weekend in Philly we released a new broadsheet by Paul Siegell, “Mere/Child.” The piece is drawn from Siegell’s manuscript Jacques Lipschitz; it was printed by Liana and Allegra in New York.

Paul’s gorgeous broadsheet

We held the release party in Jen Brown’s beautiful Fishtown garden and featured poems and songs from Amelia Robertson, JenMarie Macdonald, Andrew Keller and of course, Siegell himself. Many thanks to Jen for hosting us and to all our readers. More pictures from the night below the jump: 

Andrew Keller. Unfortunately, no one seems to have a picture of his pink ukulele.
No one puts Amelia Robertson in a corner.
JenMarie leans against a fence, invents planets
Paul Siegell turns into something like light
The spread


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