Aster to Daylily (Chapbook by Jay Besemer, April 2014)

Printed in an innovative large format–with the pages spread out across two separately booklets–Aster to Daylily interrogates the relations between language, gender, and time. It encourages readers to imagine forms–of poetry, temporality, and embodiment–which radically fracture the usual. It features block prints by the poet.

City Containers (Chapbook by Sophie Grimes, June 2013)

Mistranslation and travel: Sophie’s poems begin with crossings — spatial, linguistic, intellectual — and travel the tangles. City Containers, by Sophie Grimes was published as a large format chapbook in 2013 in a run of 100. It featured drawings by Stephanie Kwak and vellum inserts. Designed and printed by Liana Katz. (Sold out).

& Parts (Chapbook, April 2013)

& Parts, written by an anonymous poet, uses dislocation’s techniques to construct a record of dismemberment and erasure in both its salvific and violent capacities. In five poems, & Parts make itself a liminal space in which “we all remember our lost organs / and use them blasphemously.” The chapbook is hand-printed on a Vandercook Universal I press. Design and printing by Liana Katz. It is 6 X 8 inches and appears in a limited edition of 100 copies. Purchase here/$10.


Our Blood Is Singing (Chapbook, September 2012)

Ariana Nadia Nash’s Our Blood Is Singing is a sustained meditation on motherhood, loss and sexuality. She moves through traditional and open forms with virtuosity and delicacy. The chapbook is hand-printed on a Vandercook Universal I press and features an illustration by Emily Leach. Design and printing by Liana Katz. It is 5 X 6.75 inches and appears in a limited edition of 100 copies. Purchase here/$12.

Mere/Child (Broadsheet, June 2012)

Drawn from Paul Siegell’s book-length homage to Philadelphia sculptor Jacques Lipschitz, “Mere/Child” captures the expressiveness and impact of Siegell’s concrete poetry in a poster-sized diptych. Siegell works to blend sculpture and poetry; here his work comes to life in full color. Purchase here/$10.

The Voice Within Us (Literary Magazine, April 2012)

Excerpted from the Northwestern Poetry and Poetics website: “2012 inaugurated a collaboration between the Poetry and Poetics Colloquium and Evanston Township High School (ETHS) for our Poetry in the Schools Program: The Voice Within Us. This program grants high school students the unique opportunity to interact with Northwestern undergraduates and faculty, and to explore the art of writing poetry as a vital means of creative expression, imaginative inquiry, and verbal experiment.

The Voice Within Us is organized as a series of poetry workshops, led by talented students from Northwestern’s undergraduate English Major in Writing, and overseen by members of the PPC faculty and the English Major in Writing. Our inaugural workshops took place in February and March, 2012. They culminated in a public reading of ETHS student poetry during the Northwestern Writing Major’s April festival of writing. Damask Press has published a limited edition volume of the poetry that emerged from these workshops.” Printed offset. Cover design by Liana Jegers. Layout by Liana Katz. NOT FOR SALE.

Chronic, Chronos, Kairos (Chapbook, March 2012)

Chronic, Chronos, Kairos opens Jacob Russell’s multi-volume Poem to the End of My Days. Playful, dark, full of strange wisdom, CCK marks a sustained inquiry into temporality, death, and political life. Printed in an edition of 100, each chapbook consists of 6 unbound cards in a letterpressed envelope. Jacob’s poems are printed on the front of each card; on the back is an etching by Philadelphia artist Beckett Flannery.  Purchase here/$8.

Chronic, Chronos, Kairos (Broadside, November 2011)

“Bitter the heart that counts on love,” writes Jacob Russell. Russell’s work moves through vatic, revelatory modes and tight lyricism. We present here one of Russell’s broadest and most effective poems, in a limited run broadside of 100 copies. Designed by Allegra Fisher and printed using hand-set metal type on a Vandercook Universal I Press. The broadside is 11.5 X 19 inches and printed on Ingres “smoke” paper. Purchase here/$5.

Life of Richard (Chapbook, July 2011)

A short series of nonce-sonnets by Damask co-founder, Toby Altman. The poems move in grotesque ripples, cataloging a man’s belly, his ascots, self-cannibalism, the eroticism of death, cigarettes, tasty cakes, wisteria, beets, shaving cream, cold cuts, angels, mascara and the dissolution (resolution?) of the aforementioned into something like steam. Layout by Liana Katz; cover illustration by Henry Glovinsky. In a limited run of 50 hand folded books. SOLD OUT.